Events at St. Michael Cemetery

NOTICE:   Due to Covid, St. Michael Cemetery will be unable to host this years Memorial Day Open House.


Each year on the Saturday before Memorial Day St. Michael Cemetery hosts a Memorial Day Open House which consists of both a Mass and a luncheon. The Mass is in the Christ in the Garden Community Mausoleum to remember all those memorialized in St. Michael, followed by a luncheon/colation in the chapel of the Administration building for families to gather.


We also host an Annual Holiday Prayer Service in mid December remembering all those who have passed during the year as well as every one interred at St. Michael. The service combines live holiday music and a presentation of memorial ornaments that are placed on the rememberance tree by family members. Refreshments are served at this event. All family members of those interred in the cemetery are invited at no cost of attendance.

The Respectful Way.